Moon watching!

Hello people! I know I’ve not been active here, but it’s just getting super tough for me to put my thoughts on paper. My head is brimming with crazy ideas, but execution is zero, haha. I don’t know how to get over this. It will take some time, maybe. So, today I just found a …

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Firefly’s Mindless Blogging Challenge (Post #3)

Hello people! How are you all doing? Busy with Diwali ki safaai, huh? Firefly is back with a comic this time. Couldn’t write anything yesterday, but I won’t quit so easily. Consistency is the key to a successful blog! This Mindless Blogging Challenge is my own creation to get over Writer’s Block. It basically has …

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fireflys mindless blogging challenge day 2

Firefly’s Mindless Blogging Challenge (Post #2)

Hi again! This is Day 2 of Firefly’s Mindless Blogging Challenge and I’m here with another post. I’m gradually getting the hang of blogging again. You know, I’ve noticed this one thing since yesterday that we only need the will to do something. That’s it. Everything becomes possible after you say ‘Yes‘. And this applies …

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Firefly Turns Five!

Hello people! I had been planning for this day for so long, but my exams ruined everything, huh. I’m still not done with them. But, anyway, do you know what’s so special about today? It’s Firefly’s Fifth Birthday! Woohooo! I wish you all could see her rolling and dancing all around the house with joy! …

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7 Reasons Why Online Teaching is a Failure in India

“Classrooms don’t need tech geeks who can teach, we need teaching geeks who can use tech.” –David Geurin Isn’t this true for the present condition? Everything has gone haywire across the nation. The Corona Virus pandemic has wreaked a havoc, especially on the Education sector in India. The field of Academics has received a sharp …

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This is the age of Screenagers, who,Binge over silly rom-coms all day long.Tap tap tap, they are great textroverts,Obsessed with nonversations and songs! Their life mantra is to Netflix and chillax.Oh, how they crush over smexy Sheroes.They have got such shortlived bonds,Today Bromance, tomorrow Dudevorce! Textpectations ruin their fantabulous mood,They’re always hangry when it comes …

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I remember waking up confused,In that dark and lonesome cellar.Which reeked of all things rotten, that,Hadn’t been cleaned in a hundred years. I could hear grieving voices above,Saw a light shine from the corner.I dashed up through that open door,And found women huddled together. All dressed in white satin sarees,Some sat dejected, some did pray.They …

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