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Why Most Introverts Dread Phonecalls

Here’s a question that has been troubling mankind since a very long time. Why do introverts hate phonecalls so much? What is it about phonecalls that makes them so anxious? Does your introvert friend never receive your calls but answers texts right away? Does he/she pretend to hide behind the curtains when the phone rings? πŸ˜› Then, read on to find out why most introverts dread phonecalls so much!

Small Talk is Irritating

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Most introverts would agree to this. Small talks are so time consuming and of no use literally! Why ask someone how they’ve been all these years or how the weather has been too cold! Don’t beat around the bush and get to the point is what they prefer. Sometimes, they dread phonecalls so much that they switch to text messages, or even emails!

Fear of the Unknown

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Phonecalls don’t have a pre-defined time. They have an element of surprise. And Introverts have a hard time dealing with surprises. Unknown numbers scare them out of their minds. At other times, they also might dread the purpose of the phonecall. It could be a good news, a bad news, something unexpected! The person on the other side might ask for something, they might even be right outside our house right now. OMG! The anxiety is just too much to handle.

Pre-Occupied With Multiple Thoughts

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Introverts tend to be into their heads most of the time. They have a thousand thoughts playing in their minds at any particular moment. A ringing phones intrudes and disrupts their chain of thoughts and their quiet time. It just adds to all of the chaos and they are simply unable to push their thoughts aside and focus on the outside world.

Phonecalls are exhausting

exhausting phonecalls @twilightfirefly

Imagine running for a mile without a pause. You’d be exhausted, won’t you? An introvert feels exactly the same after a long phone conversation. They might’ve not moved one inch, but it truly feels like physical exhaustion. They need time to think and respond. A phonecall doesn’t offer that much time. It’s just on the spot! Like an extempore! πŸ˜› Thus, all their energy is drained and they need a long rest to recharge themselves again!

Hey, but this does not mean that Introverts hate you! Infact, they really love to talk to the people they are close with. They’re just wired in such a way that a ringing phone stresses them. What you can do to help your introvert friends is, plan the call beforehand! Let them know when and what are you going to discuss. I guess that would really help reduce the anxiety.

Check out this little comic strip about how Introverts hate phonecalls. Don’t know why but this idea really amuses me. πŸ˜› Hope you enjoy it.

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So, do you have any introvert friends who behave that way? Or are you an introvert yourself? What was your worst ever experience at a phonecall? Do let me know in the comments section below. This is Firefly signing off. Keep shining!

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18 thoughts on “Why Most Introverts Dread Phonecalls”

  1. Ahhhh! Kitni acchi tarah se introvert ki situation explain ki hain aapne! 🀭 I ignore most of the phone calls. Phir sab gussa karte hain, phone kyun nahi uthaya? πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    1. Oye, thankyou! πŸ˜‚ I’m so happy everyone’s able to relate to this situation. Abi sab ko pata chal jayega why you ignore them. 😼 Cheers to never picking up phonecalls huh! πŸ™†

  2. Intriguing subject. Well, I do answer important phone calls. Texting is better in some cases but when you need to explain something in length, phone calls do have a ring to it.
    Loved that comic strip you designed.
    Take good care
    -Deja vu

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