Firefly Turns Five!

happy birthday firefly

Hello people! I had been planning for this day since so long, but exams ruined everything huh. I’m still not done with them yet. But, anyways. Do you know what’s special about today?

It’s Firefly’s fifth birthday!


Yay! It’s been such a beautiful journey. I’ve been writing the same things over and over again since the last few years. Don’t want to repeat them again and bore you all to death. If you’re new to my blog, then you can check out the blog post about my blogging journey here or here or here or here. 🥱

Those of you who are new to this blog, you must be wondering, 

Who the hell is Firefly? 

Why’s she so important to me? Well, let me explain. Firefly is thissss. 

She’s almost like my soul sister. She’s an inseparable part of my life. 

11 thoughts on “Firefly Turns Five!”

  1. Hey Firefly,
    Happy birthday 🎂

    Chandu I am so glad you have a friend like her, if not you than at least she can behave crazy and keep entertaining us with her post😄

    Look at the comics yaa, they’re so nice and unique. You’re so talented and I am surprised to find out there are so many things you are willing to learn and they seem so interesting as well. I wish I had one thing I knew I wanna learn, but there’s none.

    Anyways shoutout to firefly on her b-day.
    I really liked your comic strips.
    All the best for your future ahead. For now all the best for your exams✨✨

    We hope to see you soon here!

    1. Firefly says thankyou so much for the wishes. 🥳

      Hey Rashmi! How have you been doing? I’m super sorry for not being in touch. This place feels alien to me now. 🤦🏾‍♀️

      Haha, it’s all because of Firefly, she wants to try out every new thing, and I want to just be in my comfort zone. We both are totally opposite. 😂

      Thanks a lot! I’m glad you liked our comics. Will be back soon. Till then, take care, okay? Lots of love. 🤗

    2. I am doing good so far. Thank you so much.

      You don’t have to be sorry, we are all same. I too disappear sometimes. But you know what whenever I come back I get a homely feeling here. WordPress is more of a family now.
      You don’t have to feel alien here. We all love our kiddish little firefly🤗

      You’re always welcome here, we’ll be all glad to see you here!

      I’ll take care for sure, you too take care!
      And come back soon!

    3. Hehe, thank you so much for understanding, Rashmi. 😁 True, WordPress does feel like family. It has given me the best of friends.

      Haha, oh you love little Firefly? She will be overjoyed to hear this. 😺

      I’m done with exams and everything but I’m just too lazy to think of anything creative these days. Let’s see if Firefly gets some crazy ideas. 😼

      Anyways, how have you been Rashmi? Have you been writing?

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